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Back From Alaska!

Journal Entry: Sat Sep 6, 2014, 3:37 PM
:iconnekonotaishou::iconterritorialsloth::icontheofactor: is my awesome clone! | :iconmyrow::iconlightning-v: is also me!


Hello! This is a little bit late in coming, and many of you have probably noticed that I've returned from my cruise up to Alaska! It was amazing!! We saw all kinds of awesome things!!

I kept a log of every wildlife sighting on the trip. Here goes:

19/8/14 -departure day



Mola count IIIXIIIIIIIIIIII (one dead)

Harbor porpoise

California Sea Lion III


20/8/14 -day at sea

Dall's porpoise

Leach's storm petrels III

Fork-tailed storm petrel

Little shark (mystery species. Blue??)

Mola II

Storm Petrel


21/8/14 -day at sea

Storm Petrel

Dall's, twice!

More Petrels

Petrels again

Fork-tailed storm petrel

Pod of 5 Dall's -clear, close view!!

Salmon shark!! (x2?!! +1?!)

Little requiem shark (blue?!) IIIII IIIIII

Mystery mysticete whale (Fin?!) x2


22/8/14 -Juneau

Humpbacks IIIIIII

Dall's II

Bald eagles (Lost count!)

Mew Gull

Glaucus-winged gull

Bonaparte's gull

Great blue heron

-Whale-watching excursion sightings start here-

Steller's sea lion!

Humpbacks x7 bubble-net feeding

ORCAS!! x4!!!

Cute shorebird (spotted sandpiper)

Steller’s jay

A Salmon


23/8/14 -Skagway

Steller’s jays


Kroschel Wildlife Center excursion


24/8/14 –Glacier bay

Harbor porpoise

Sea otters


Tufted puffins (parents only :C )


Pigeon guillemots

Sea lions!

Sea otter mama w/ baby!! (Motter & baby –dotter?)



25/8/14 –Ketchikan

Black bears (mama & 2 cubs!)


Silver & King salmon

Great blue herons (3)

Canada goose




26/8/14 –at sea

Mola III

Mystery tube-nosed bird

Diving bird (puffin?)

Orca pod (at least 4, with at least 2 adult males)*

Large mystery rorqual~


Mystery splashing water animal

Little sharks IIII

Mystery little birds

Blue shark?

Salmon shark! Clear ID! (Sister only)

Mystery rorqual

Minke whale!!

Fin whales



WhaleCon! (Humpbacks)

*There's a funny story to this sighting! I had lost my watch that morning, and so I went back up to the cafeteria deck to look for it. As I was looking, a family eating nearby pointed at something out the window. I thought they were confusing the waves for dolphins or something, so I didn't look. But then I heard them talking about fins and, sure enough, when I looked out to where the family was pointing, I saw a group of long black fins rise out of the water... and then back down! I was so happy to see orcas, that for a moment I didn't care if I never got my watch back. The family that had pointed them out, sadly, did not know what they were looking at. They kept asking each other what they were, if they could be sharks or whatnot. After the orcas didn't show up for a third surfacing, I went down to the ship's lost-and-found.... where someone had found and turned in my missing watch!


27/8/14 –Victoria, B.C., Canada

Northwestern Crow (?)

Lots of gulls



28/8/14 –At sea

Mola II

Tuna relative (Mystery splashing animal) (Albacore??)


Little Velella jellies!

Velella conga line!

Pacific white-sided dolphin pod!

Young black-footed albatross (mystery seabird)




Some velellas


Then ~FOG~ visibility 0


The trip was so much fun! I can't wait to go on another one!
But for now, classes have started. Onwards to my last semester of college!

Commissions Pending:
Tetsumon - AbSoul (Absol Soul)
ridollstix - Team Champ

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