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Might as well just do this before I procrastinate so much I never actually do it...


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Tagged by :iconfootybandit:, :iconnekonotaishou:, :iconmachati:, and :iconelementaljess: to do this meme, so without further ado..

8 Facts about Reva
Tagged by Footy and Machati
Reva Character Sheet by comixqueen

1- In my head, she is the size of maybe a large-ish labrador retriever. This is too small for the Windsonde canon, however, so canonically she is about as tall at the shoulder as an African leopard.

2- Her species combo would have been an oriental bay owl/Bornean bay cat except I chickened out at the last minute and didn't want to send the Windsonde mods a correction note. Little did I know that this would have been perfectly acceptable.

3- Despite her size and short wingspan, she is actually a very maneuverable flier. She doesn't have much stamina for long flights, though.

4- She likes to dance, and is quite good at it.

5- She is actually a very skilled hunter, she just has qualms about killing cute or interesting critters.

6- I chose her owl front because when I was a freshman in high school, the library had a little Smithsonian Guide to Birds of the World, which is the book that taught me about the existence of bay owls. However, the photo in the book made them look very, very creepy, and I remember thinking "how is something so creepy related to something as cool as a barn owl?" (I really liked barn owls.) I chose the bay owl to sort of get over that creep factor. It worked wonderfully, because now I hoard every bay owl photo on the internet as reference.

7- She has grown and developed tremendously since her creation, and I have big plans for her character growth and development in the future. Provided I get off my butt and find the time to do it...

8- She very quickly became my top favorite of all my OCs, quickly attaining mascot status. I love her dearly :heart:

8 facts about Tencoyotzin
Tagged by my sis!
Tencoyotzin Ref v2 by comixqueen

1- He was created out of two character thought trains: "hey, wouldn't it be interesting if there was a racist/"species-ist" character in Windsonde?" and "I need a very Mexican Windsonde character..."

2- His prototype combo was golden eagle/puma, but I changed it to a bobcat after remembering the numerous nature field trips I took growing up in Mexico City, and how whenever the guides talked about a top predator in the region, it was almost always a bobcat. I also thought the short tail would be an interesting design trait to work with, especially since Reva already has a long, reddish, dark-tipped tail.

3- His character is pretty fleshed out already, and it is challenging to find development and growth for him.

4- I scoured wikipedia for information on bobcat subspecies, and tried to do the same for eagle subspecies. There are only about three or four actual photos of Mexican bobcats on the internet, much to my regret.

5- He's not quite sociopathic or psychopathic, but he really has no empathy for others. Tencoyotzin's world and priorities start and end with himself and his personal gain.

6- His parents are beside themselves, wondering where they went wrong for their son to turn out the way he did. It was nothing they did, he's just awful at heart.

7- He holds grudges like there's no tomorrow, and he can also be hilariously bad at thinking things through/weighing the consequences of his actions. When those consequences affect him minimally, or not at all, life goes on for him. When those consequences impact him greatly, he is quick to assign the blame on others and hold a grudge. He also has a total disregard for the law.

8- The few things he takes seriously (aside from himself) and respects are his craft and his religion.

8 facts about my Stryx
Tagged by ElementalJess!
Anandi 1159 by EyeOfGalyxYaroslav 1867 by EyeOfGalyxChiacchiere 2315 by EyeOfGalyx (see them all here)

1- I'd been interested in the Dracostryx group since I started seeing art of them crop up in my inbox, but I wasn't sure how to obtain ones that looked like what I wanted (one that looks like an oriental bay owl, and one that looks like a steller's sea eagle.) I finally decided to join in December after my sister joined Tokotas and I saw her having a lot of fun in ARPG land.

2- Yaroslav is my top favorite, followed by Chiacchiere. Then comes Donoma, then Alca, then Anandi, then all the rest. Pakadringa is my least favorite, and I have some regrets about obtaining her...

3- I treat them more like big birds that happen to have wing claws, teeth, and long tails, than actual dragons.

4- The harpia type is my absolute favorite, because it plays right into my extreme love of giant eagles. The tytos are a close second, because I love owls. Not the biggest fan of the corvas (even my favorite of my own corvas is not really a corva...) and still on the fence about the gryphs, though I have seen some people making them look good.

5- I cannot wait for the bat stryx. They will probably shoot up and be among my faves. I would be happy if I never got any of the other planned stryx types, just leave me to drown in my eagles, owls, and bats.

6- It was a little weird for me when I first joined Dracostryx to draw them, because I was so used to drawing griffins... suddenly there are only four limbs, instead of six.

7- I prefer stryx that look like real animals, but I have gradually been drawn to some that look like no animal in particular.

8- I have regrets about amassing so many stryx so quickly, because now I have to find the time to grow them all....

I tag:

:iconnekonotaishou: talk to me about Tafari!
:iconelementaljess: tell us about Asvander!
:iconquailheart: let's hear about Radomir!
:iconxx-heartattack: tell us about Xx
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